Tips in case of emergency

If I ever witness a dangerous situation or find myself in such a situation, I will trust my gut, get to safety, raise the alarm and call 110 or use an emergency telephone, e.g. in the U-Bahn or on trams.

I will raise the alarm by using my voice, addressing specific helpers or using a whistle or personal alarm.

I will also make sure that:

  • I use formal language with the attacker so that witnesses assume that I do not know this person
  • I will act as confident as possible and not show any signs of fear
  • I can disorientate the perpetrator, e.g. by taking a call on my phone or pretending to be unwell
  • I will make a mental note of what the attacker looks like

If the police arrive during or immediately after the incident, I will describe what happened to the police officers and give a witness statement. I will inform the police of whether the attack may have been motivated by anti-LGBTIQ+ hate. I will file a police report and take down the case number or contact details for following up on the case.

If I was not able to call the police or if the police are unable to reach the scene quickly:

  • I will note down what happened as I remember it
  • I will take photos of any physical injuries or criminal damage
  • I will ask any witnesses for help and take down their contact details if necessary

Sometimes, the police may have to prioritise certain cases due to a high volume of call-outs. Priority is always given to cases where there is an imminent risk of injury or risk to life. This means I might be asked to file a police report at the nearest police station.

I should file the police report as quickly as possible so as not to delay any follow-up actions, e.g. witness statements or securing video material. If I only realise what happened to me some time after the attack, I will go the police and report the incident anyway.

I can find information on filing a police report and what crimes can be reported here

I can find information that will help me with writing down a list of things that happened here

I can find information on gathering evidence here

I can find information for witnesses here