Shedding light on the issue of under-reporting

It is estimated that 80-90% of hate crimes are either not reported or are not categorised as politically motivated. But the real numbers, both locally and nationally, may be significantly higher than the figures published by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Munich Police and Strong!

Possible reasons for such a low rate of reporting include

  • Uncertainty over whether a crime has been committed
  • Worrying that the perpetrators will commit further violence
  • Assuming that the police will not be able to solve the case
  • Worrying about being discriminated against by the police
  • Feeling shame at having been attacked because of sexual or gender identity

No-one should avoid seeking helping and filing a police report.

On this website, I can find tips and information. Advice centres can help me overcome my fear of the perpetrators. Because the police can only protect me if they know who the perpetrators are. As soon as the police learn of a crime, they have to act. The clearance rates are good. I can bring along someone I trust when reporting a crime. This can help with my worries about being discriminated against by the police and with overcoming my shame.

  • So that the perpetrators are punished and do not re-offend
    Perpetrators think that LGBTIQ+ people are easy targets. By reporting the crime, I trigger a police investigation into the crime. This will make it clear to perpetrators that LGBTIQ+ hate crimes are taken seriously and are prosecuted.
  • So that I can enjoy justice
    A person’s sexual and gender identity is protected by the state as part of the protection afforded to general personal rights. By filing a police report, I am defending myself against what happened. This can help me work through my experiences and take active steps towards protecting myself and safeguarding my rights. So that I can have justice.
  • To make hate crime more visible
    By filing a police report, I am making hate crime more visible in a number of ways. Hate crimes are recorded in separate statistics under politically motivated crimes, e.g. in the Munich Police Safety Report. Realistic figures on case numbers help build awareness of LGBTIQ+ hate among the general public. By filing a police report, I am sending a sign to the LGBTIQ+ community in particular, acting as a role model for others and showing solidarity with my community.

As well as filing a report with the police, I can also report LGBTIQ+ hate crimes to the organisations below using their contact forms. This will also help to combat under-reporting and will make needs visible.

Just like LGBTIQ+ hate crimes, it is assumed that other forms of group-based hate, such as racism, sexism and anti-Semitism, also go largely unreported. This also applies to discrimination at school. It is important to call out any and all forms of discrimination.

The following contact forms can help to document cases and make them visible in the statistics. Taking action is another step.

Click here to report cases of anti-LGBTIQ+ violence and discrimination in Bavaria to STRONG!

Click here to contact BEFORE, an organisation providing help and support to those affected by right-wing and group-related violence and discrimination in Munich

Click here to report discrimination in schools to the Munich Centre for Democracy

Click here to contact REspect! – fighting hate online